10 Things You Can Stop Buying Now

Over the years, I have picked up many different ideas for how to become more sustainable, how to save money, and how to live a healthier life. Many of these ideas are a perfect union of those three attributes, and even though some of these may require a small investment up front, the items can […]

Achieving True Greatness

I used to think I wanted to go out in life and do great things. I wanted to have accomplished something noteworthy, or be known by a lot of people. What I’ve come to find now is that I really want to be an intelligent, magnetic, multifaceted person to myself. Impressing myself! What a strange idea. […]

Getting Minimalist with Toddlers

Often times people will walk into my house and say “I love the energy in here,” or “this feels so zen.” To me, that is the biggest compliment they could give to my home. My life is already so stressful just because I have a husband in the army, I watch six small children during the […]

Creating a Harmonious Routine with Young Children

Are you always behind on everything on your to-do list, but you’re busy all the time? Ever wonder where your peace went? Did you leave your old hobbies and interests back in another year? Let me tell you something right now. Your child wants you to be happy, and they want to contribute to the […]

Calm Water to The Tidal Wave

A typical family dinner was happening. My daughter was eating her tortilla and laughing. She said “All done,” and I started taking her out of her booster seat. Then it was “more juice!” and as I said “Ok” and buckled her back in, it was a wail of “Noooo!” Enter tantrum mode. A tantrum usually comes up at THE […]

8 Survival Strategies For Frazzled Parents

Let’s be honest. Parenting young children can be a black hole of playdates, tantrums, grocery store trips, dishes, laundry piles, and tripping over toys every 5 steps on your way to the kitchen to make some coffee. It can be an all consuming, sometimes insurmountable hurdle each day just to make it to nap time without […]