Achieving True Greatness

I used to think I wanted to go out in life and do great things. I wanted to have accomplished something noteworthy, or be known by a lot of people. What I’ve come to find now is that I really want to be an intelligent, magnetic, multifaceted¬†person to myself. Impressing myself! What a strange idea. This doesn’t mean I’m egotistical (though everybody is to an extent); just that I want to be the kind of person that I would admire.

I used to think that material possessions would make me happy: beautiful designer clothes, a brand new house, a flashy car. At this point (and I think having a daughter has helped be become way more humble) I would be more impressed with myself the LESS I have. Also my mind is starting to expand. My scope of consciousness is becoming so much wider. Learning what really is important, and staying focused on that has become in the forefront of my mind.

Listening to the vibration of your heart instead of the loud messages we get from ads and magazines and movies would free us up so much to follow our true passions and to live authentically. I’ve only just begun trying to undo all the messages I have received from this society I’m in: how to live, how to dress, how to eat, how to spend my time and money. I’ve decided to take the road less traveled instead of the busy highway. It’s rocky and can get lonely at times, but it’s more beautiful and peaceful here. I’ve realized that greatness isn’t all about the accomplishments on my resume, but the space of peace and fulfillment that exists in my own soul.


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