A few weeks ago, I talked about how making small, sometimes unnoticeable changes can add up to huge results over time. But what about when you’re not sure what changes you need to make in the first place?

With the ever-present and unending amount of information available to us because of the internet, just about every human being has access to recourses and knowledge on any topic under the sun. While this is amazing, it can also be extremely stifling, especially for those of us that lack confidence or experience imposter syndrome. Past mistakes such as bad investments or career missteps can also make us question our own inner compass. Taking what we can to learn from these experiences rather than letting them control our decision making is the key to moving forward.

When we have reflected and spent time thinking about what we want, hopefully we will have come to an educated decision about what we want, and it will be something that truly resonates with our spirit. After that point is reached it’s imortant to take action rather than waiting. Even a small step such as reaching out to a group, signing up for a class, or executing the first step in a plan counts!

Starting the process of change- especially when it is a big change such as relocating to a new city- can be daunting. Starting small and working our way up to bigger and better goals is one approach- diving in and putting yourself in a sink or swim situation is another. Whichever approach you take is up to you and your personality. The most important thing is following through after committing.

If you still have doubts- that is perfectly acceptable. Believe it or not everyone, even and especially the most successful people live with fear every time they perform, publish, or produce something. It’s learning to live with the fear, in spite of the fear, that sets one up for great success and satisfaction. To look at it philosophically, the time will pass anyway, you will age anyway, and the world will keep turning anyway. The real question is not “what will happen if I do this?” It’s “What will happen when I do this.”

To keep up this momentum and acheive optimum happiness, we must continue to have new goals and set up new pathways that will alow us to reach them. It’s not about some ultimate acheivement, it’s about getting to where you want to go and then doing it again and again. As we change and the world changes, our dreams change. Life rewards action, so let’s take the bull by the horns and make it happen for ourselves.


Published by Melissa Phillips

Hi I'm Melissa! I'm a Mom, wife, UX Designer, Minimalist, Zero Waste- Wannabe. I blog about domestic environmentalism, tech and whatever I feel like!

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